a fantasy comic of loot, glory and greed by Kyle Weems

Comic #681

#681: You're Always Wrong

July 23, 2014

It's a second strip. Within two days of the previous one? It could be a record!

Well, a record since 2006.

Expect another on Friday.

So let's talk Kobolds.

Two things about me and kobolds. First, I always say it wrong. At least, I'm always saying KO-bolds, and I'm always told it's ko-BOLDS. These things matter. To someone.

Secondly, I'm aware that virtually all depictions of kobolds show them as little lizard folk of some sort, or derivatives thereof. I'm aware that Nervillsaga's rat-men don't go with the established grain. In an universe of fantasy fiction, I'm throwing decades of tradition out with no regard to what young minds I might be accidentally polluting into the wrong mental image of this classic, devious little race.

What can I say? I'm a rebel, Data. A loner.


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